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There is a light that burns bright in Hollywood California. It is the fire of a man's soul who's voice can quake the earth with thunderous love. His name is Scott Rocco; a proud Italian American fueling humanity's underdog spirit with raw heartfelt music and movies to help become champions of our lives. His debut album "Ignited" is currently lighting up the airwaves worldwide. Rocco describes it as "a concept record about a man on a journey of self-discovery and his greatest love who lit the whole way there." 


Winner of the inaugural 626 Icon singing competition, Rocco continues to rise from the indie music scene as a well respected singer-songwriter. His powerful compelling voice is known to captivate audiences into emotional bliss. Nicole Mendes of The Other Side Reviews writes, "If Billy Joel were to have a lovechild with Bruce Springsteen and it was raised by Goo Goo Dolls, the chances are Scott Rocco would be it." 

Rocco was also awarded best music video by the NJ Webfest for his summer-themed hit Joyride. On the other side of the spectrum, he has written and starred in his own films Somewhere Between and Come As You Are. The hyphenate enjoys having an arsenal of art to express himself honestly in a way that will enlighten people.

"I sing and create film for the Rocky underdog in us all. I try to ignite the contender in people to face insecurity and fear.

In my life, I channel the good, the bad, and everything in between to create uplifting art that inspires everyone. I hope it helps others to fight and get through the toughest of times. May we all rise to become one love." ~ Scott

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