A fire burns deep inside the soul of award winning artist - SCOTT ROCCO. Whether fueling humanity's underdog spirit with raw emotional heartfelt music or movies, he passionately lives life creating authentic driven art to inspire, connect, and heal the world. After more than a decade of modest indie releases as a band frontman, having played countless local, city, and out-of-state gigs as a solo-performer, the New York singer, songwriter, and hyphenate proudly carries long-awaited optimism in the world of his debut album - IGNITED.

Set for a 2021 fall release, IGNITED mixes concept storytelling with real life struggles of personal relationships, restless doubt, and the fear of unrealized dreams; all while finding the courage to embrace change igniting the best parts of self through growth and love.

The release of the IGNITED single is the title track that sets the album’s tone and thematically pulls you into the world of a man chronicling how the ignition of his best self is inevitably manifested by his soulmate.

Amelia Vandergast of A&R Factory writes, "Tracks such as “Ignited” by NYC-based Rock artist Scott Rocco will perpetually remain timeless. With melodies which seep just as much pure unadulterated soul as the resounding vocals, you’d have to be fairly dead inside not to get caught up in the tides of euphoria in Ignited. Even though the vocals were transfixing, nothing left me quite as enamoured as hearing a guitarist with a nuanced style which sits in between that of James Dean Bradfield and Johnny Marr. In a feat of aural alchemy, Scott Rocco combined Marr’s jangly optimistic notes and the deep, tension-building licks which you’ll hear from James Dean Bradfield. When you hit play, every single one of your rhythmic pulses will be in the command of this incredibly talented artist." 

Past awards as a musician and film producer include Best Music Video - Joyride - NJ Webfest and Best TV Pilot/Series - Adulthood awarded by Astoria Film Festival, Vegas Movie Awards, Bowery Film Festival, Freehold Film Festival, and TMFF. 

“I sing and make cinema for the ROCKY underdog in us all. The contender that must confront and face insecurity, trauma, and fear throughout our lives. I take these deterrents and channel them into raw art. When making cinema, I try to be authentically raw and honest as possible. My music aligns that same belief to create raw emotional heartfelt rock; a type of sound and feeling risen out of love to honestly express myself as a way to inspire, connect, and heal people. At the end of the day, no matter what outlet of expression, it's all rock 'n roll to me!" - Scott Rocco

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